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Why Coil Replacement?

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Why Coil Replacement?

Coils have expiration date. Once the coils have reached their life expectancy, the materials can start to corrode or coils can be blocked from dirt and lose their efficiency. This causes other equipment to work harder which costs your units to consume more energy.

Benefits of Coil Replacement

  • Save Money – you don’t need to pay for a new unit, which could cost you much you in $$. The cost of a coil is approximate 20% of a new A/C unit – not including the installation.
  • Save Energy – new coils definitely have higher efficiency than old ones. Corrode or blocked coils can achieve lower heat transfer, and you end up paying more bills to achieve the desired result.
  • Save Time – replacing a coil is much faster than replacing the whole A/C unit. You don’t need to re-wire or mess with the current ducting or walls. With short installation time, your A/C unit will be back to work in no time.

Got more questions regarding coil replacement? Ask the coil expert.

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